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Junior Tea 2021

Welcome to the Tau Beta Association website. Tau Beta Association has promoted charitable and philanthropic projects and services to benefit the people of Southeastern Michigan for over 100 years. Founded in 1901 as a non-profit association, Tau Beta has supported numerous causes including tuberculosis treatment, The Hamtramck Community House and Tau Beta Camp for metropolitan Detroit area girls and boys.

Tau Beta membership voted in January of 2004 to partner with The Children’s Center of Detroit and focus our volunteer and fundraising efforts on activities for this worthwhile institution. Located near the Detroit Medical Center, and established in 1929, The Children’s Center of Detroit serves the mental and emotional well-being of thousands of at-risk children and families in Detroit.

Presently, Tau Beta has a resident Senior membership of over 460 women, over 240 Non-Resident Senior members and more than 50 Junior members.

Mission Statement

The Tau Beta Association is a charitable organization comprised of like-minded women committed to improving lives in the Greater Detroit area through volunteerism and fundraising.

Now, you can support our work through your everyday activities like errands, online purchases, and even grocery shopping!

Kroger Community Rewards

Shop at Kroger?  Register your Kroger Rewards Card to donate a percentage of your transaction to Tau Beta (and get great coupon deals while you’re on their website!).  Our Organization Number is IG157.  Re-enroll every April!

Shop on Amazon?  Register for AmazonSmile and select 
Tau Beta Association to have 0.5% of total eligible purchases donated.

The Tau Beta Fall Market

September 23-25, 2021

Fall Market Corporate Sponsors 2021

Visit our Fall Market 2021
 page for
complete details!

Mistletoe Magic
Country Club of Detroit

Wednesday December 22, 2021

Mistletoe Magic, a festive holiday fundraiser, celebrates the long legacy of Sigma Gamma Association and Tau Beta Association helping young people with special needs. Visit the Mistletoe Magic website to donate.

Memorial contributions and donations are always appreciated. You may donate online using our secure donation form.

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